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Fair is fair: when we say we supply quality and service, we are not saying anything new. Still, we are working in a distinguishing fashion at Klerkx. How? Because we arrange everything in-house for you: from transport to cleaning our materials, and our warehouse holds a large supply of event materials.

In this way, we keep control over what we do: when we agree to deliver the materials on Wednesday, we will be there. When we say that our materials are guaranteed clean and checked, they are. And when you ask us whether our materials are available, we will check this immediately in our own warehouse. A deal is a deal!

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Bistro set

Bistro Chair, 1,95 excl btw
Bistro Table 70x70 cm,
4,95 excl btw

Innovative & efficient

At Klerkx, we like to think about the way we can supply your event even smarter. This saves us, but also you, manpower, time, effort, and costs. We developed an innovative new system to store materials more economically and distribute more efficiently over the event terrains. Quicker, less prone to mistakes, easier, and with less change of damage. With this, we offer a unique system, and it makes us front runners in the field!

Klerkx Rental?

  • A deal is a deal
  • Everything in-house: control of quality and speed
  • Innovative new systems for even more speed and efficiency
  • Flexible in (emergency) deliveries and service
  • Honest and familiar: you can count on us!

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